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The patients who approach us with first or second stage, we provide 6 days medicine following that he/she is asked to follow strict food habit. Till then, The virus infection is destroyed nearly 90% to 100% . In addition to that we prescribe medicine for additional two or three month , for that they can increase the immune power and healthy. If the patient follow our prescription he/she can be reduced infection and increase the cd4, he/she can do regular action without any tired and irritation. He could live for many years.

Associates complaints:

When the patient is taking medicine , he may affect by body irritation, mouth sore, body tired, urine irritation and swelling in hand,leg and knee, for that problems we prescribe additional medicine .

We should not ill-treat, person who affects by HIV/AIDS.

When we touch them, wearing their dress, sharing the food, it should not spread to anybody . thus, we move with HIV/AIDS patient with cheerful and tret like human being.

Other Service:

Above that , We cure other diseases like neckpain, backpain, hippain, soriasis, asthma, noseblock, headache, kidneystone, gall bladder stone inappitite, anemia, increase the weight, decrease the weight and others



Dr. C. Esakkiammal B.A.M.S

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