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Minor Signs:

Persistent cough for longer than one month

General itchy dermatitis (Skin irritation)

Recurrent Herpes Zoster (Shingles)

Or pharyngeal Candidiasis (fungus infection in mouth/throat)

Chronic progressive and disseminated herpes simplex infections

General Lymphadenopathy (Swelling of lymph glands)

Uses of Siddha medicine and its activity:

We have testing lab to detect HIV infection, Immune power (CD4) and the stage of viral load by method of ELISA test and western plot.

There are three stages of HIV-AIDS infected patients

First Stage

Second Stage

Third Stage

In this the patients who have

Affected by first and second stage can be cured and rescued, but the patient who has affected by third stage cannot be rescued for that there is no medicine in the world.



Dr. C. Esakkiammal B.A.M.S

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